Website updated 10 August 2020          



At the beginning of 2020 a deadly virus, Covid 19 struck the world and remains with us today. 


We were unable to hold our annual general meeting in April and start planning the next ploughing match.


In July the committee voted against holding a match in September because the Covid 19 pandemic remains with us.  It was felt that it wold be impossible to hold the  match in the way we usually do and to comply with Government Guidelines and Regulations relating to Covid 19.  Also there is the uncertainty of what the position will be like in late September.

It is very disappointing for all concerned, but we look forward to a better 2021 and being able to hold a ploughing match then.


The Mendip Ploughing Society was formed circa 1858 by local Mendip farmers after a competition between them and salesmen from the north country.  A more detailed history of the Society can be found in the history page of the website.  

The annual competitions are held on the last Wednesday of September and are dependent on the goodwill of local farmers to supply land for the next match as we have no permanent site. 


The Society is affiliated to the Society of Ploughmen and the Somerset Ploughing Championship Association. 


There are 15 separate ploughing classes, 3 hedging laying and 2 dry stone walling, plus a variety of farm produce exhibition classes.


Refreshments are supplied by the “ladies’ committee” which are open to the public together with a bar.  An extensive draw is held and there are a number of local trade stands.



Mrs B Appleyard

Mrs M Mead

Mrs J Osborne

E P J F Lyons

R M Penny

A Sparkes

P F Tincknell

A J Whitmarsh


G G Bown

L O Clothier

P George

K D Hasell

R E Hill

D J Keedwell

P W Keen

E Masters

D F Parker

M Vowles

CHAIRMAN:                            Les Davies MBE

VICE CHAIRMAN:                   Alex Bown

HON TREASURER:                Dave Tinney


HON SECRETARY:                 Jim King



J Baker

N Ball

A Bown

J Bown

C Burr

B Clothier

J Clothier

S Clothier

A Curtis

C Clutterbuck

S Fuller

D B Gibbons

R W Gibson

P Gulliford

G Haberfield

T Hurley

S Millard


C W Ogborne

E Ogborne

J Osborne

C Patch

K Patch

C Pearce

D Perry

T Rogers

W Sherborne

P Sherborne

M Sweet

M Taviner

M Tibbs

R Tibbs

S Tibbs

C Vowles

C Young